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2015 Equivalency Process


Applications for the 2015 Equivalency Process is OPEN.

Equivalency Process applicants must complete an online application and pay the application fee of $800.00 (non-refundable and subject to change). All payments must be paid online using a credit card.

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Documentation to assist applicants in completing an application - AVAILABLE SOON
Download the Terms and Conditions.

Document Verification

To be eligible to participate in the Equivalency Process all required documents must be received and verified by the NDEB Office.

The verification process takes approximately 12 weeks from the date of receipt of all required documents. It is recommended that submission of applications and required documents be completed well before the registration deadline date for the Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge. Please thoroughly read the Required Documents to obtain further detailed information.

Download Required Documents

The NDEB credential verification process and document requirements are established using current best practice and research into the issuing of documents internationally. 

The NDEB continually monitors the circumstances in all countries to maintain current and reasonable documentation standards.

Alternative Documentation Submission

Applicants who are unable to submit Required Documents for participation in the NDEB Equivalency Process due to circumstances beyond their control (ie. war, refugee status) may use the NDEB Submission for Alternative Documentation Process.

Download the Guidelines and Application Form for Alternative Documentation Submission